Protecting you, your employees and your customers

For too long, the belief has been that lightning-fast connectivity and robust cybersecurity have only been available – or necessary – for large organisations.  But through our partnership with Cisco Meraki, we’re looking to expand the technological possibilities for small and medium businesses.

Making the improbable possible

A connected and safe digital infrastructure for your business, employees and customers is only part of our vision.  Beyond this foundation, we help companies identify new ways of working, using cloud-based solutions to expand the capabilities of what is possible; driving revenue, productivity and employee motivation.

Trading securely is no longer the exclusive domain of big business

Protect your business from cybersecurity threats with security that is built in not bolted on

Hybrid Workplace – everyone working together, anytime, any place, anywhere

Seamlessly collaborate with anyone, anywhere using Webex working in-sync with the apps you love

Secure Networking shouldn’t be complicated

Transform your workplace with cloud-managed IT solutions from Meraki to make life simpler

The Purple Way

Too often technology is considered a cost of doing business, but the days of simply buying a tech product are ending.  The potential for companies to use technology to expand and evolve has never been better, but sometimes knowing where to start is the biggest hurdle.

At Purple Business Connect, our focus is on helping businesses overcome that hurdle and see beyond the operating expense.  By understanding each customer’s risks and opportunities, we work to define secure solutions that mitigate costly threats to your company, and actively seek ways in which you can use cloud-based technology to increase revenue.

Through this approach, our recommendations take on a new meaning as an investment in growth, rather than a necessary expense.

Helping our partners realise that potential is our commitment – it’s what we call The Purple Way.

Our solutions

Yes, we could list a range of connectivity and security services available from Cisco Small Business Solutions, but really, what will it mean?

Our solutions are best shared with an understanding of the challenges you’re facing.  Together we can navigate the world of Cisco Meraki, defining solutions to ensure your employees and customers remain secure and safe whenever they are connected.


Widening the realms of what’s possible for small and medium businesses is fundamental to what we do.  By understanding our customers’ businesses, we make recommendations that can help your company evolve. From hybrid working solutions, through to understanding the potential of AI applications, we’re committed to sharing the art of the possible.

The Purple Group

For our customers, we don’t simply sell products; we discover, we analyse, and most importantly, we collaborate, ensuring we fully understand the customer challenges, and provide technological solutions that have impact whatever the scale of your business.

From the complex to the most simple, for large organisations, small businesses, charities and public bodies it is about finding solutions where people engage in a better way to work, support their customers, save costs or find new opportunities.

We are committed to helping our clients push the boundaries of what’s possible at the right scale.

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